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How to check unlisted share price?

How to check unlisted share price?

With the digitization of financial markets, one can easily check the price of listed shares by going to websites of BSE or NSE. Infact, if you have trading account with any of the brokers then you can also get tick by tick price!

However, it is not easy to check unlisted share price. As these shares are not listed on any stock exchange and are traded privately; therefore it becomes difficult to check the going price of such shares.

The problem is equally acute for sellers as well as buyers of unlisted shares. The sellers do not know the real worth of their stocks and have to depend on the unlisted share price list given by various dealers / market makers. Similarly, the buyers also don’t know the real worth (price) of the unlisted shares.  The apps of depositary participants (NSDL or CDSL) also show the holdings at face value therefore, it becomes difficult to know the real worth of such unlisted shares.

Moreover, getting price quotes from multiple dealers of unlisted shares is also a task in itself. And if someone wants to sell directly to an interested buyer, then finding such buyers is even bigger task. Therefore, many people who own such unlisted shares are unable to get fair value of their investments and end up either holding them forever or selling them at lower prices. Similarly many buyers end up buying unlisted shares at higher prices and regret later, when they are unable to sell them.

These problems are now being solved by Prastaav, where you can get price quotes from multiple dealers as well as direct buyers and sellers. This can give you an idea of the going price that you can expect at the time of buying or selling. You can also post requirements or availability of unlisted shares for free and get calls from multiple interested buyers / sellers. The process is very simple

  1. Just register at with your email.
  2. After verification of email, post your ad for free
  3. Sit back and relax while you get calls from interested buyers and sellers!

Therefore, not only helps in price discovery buy also helps you speak to multiple sellers / buyers before doing the actual transaction.

Why it is important to check unlisted share price?

  • First and the foremost, the unlisted share price is the prime determinant of the time of entry or exit of the stock from the portfolio of the investor. It helps you decide whether you are getting the stock cheaper or expensive.
  • Unlisted share price move a lot at the time of result declaration or announcement by any company. If the announcement is related to fund raise, acquisition, expansion or new business etc then price fluctuates even more. At such times, it becomes difficult to know the true price of the unlisted shares. And if someone has to trade then knowing the true price helps a lot. For example: Reliance Retail share price moved up substantially when Reliance industries raised capital from abroad in year 2020
  • The price of the share also decides the overall value of holding in the portfolio and the allocation. Therefore, if the investor knows the true value of his unlisted shares holding then he can take portfolio allocation decision in better way.
  • If the investor knows the price of unlisted shares then he can also calculate the return he has generated over his investment. This helps them compare the performance of their unlisted share portfolio with the listed share portfolio and decide future course of action.
  • For example: if you know Paytm Share price, then it would be easier for you to decide whether to buy it or not, how many shares to buy and when to rebalance your portfolio.


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