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Udemy unlisted shares

Udemy unlisted shares Description

Udemy unlisted shares

Udemy is a global marketplace for teaching, learning, and connecting teachers with students. They have 35 million students, 57K instructors, and 130K courses. Udemy has witnessed online course enrolment of 400 million and 100 million minutes watched. They provide courses in 65+ languages and 7000+ enterprise customers.

Udemy was founded by Eren Bali.  He was brought up in Turkey with only limited educational opportunities. He started connecting with people and learning by using online resources after his family bought a computer. Inspired by the power of online learning, Eren founded Udemy with co-founders Oktay Caglar and Gagan Biyani.

The Business Model

The company is based on the model of charging instructors a fee for every course sale made on the platform. It can vary anywhere between 3-75%, they also have a yearly subscription available that allows users access to the platform’s content. The revenue share that the company applies to its Instructors are :

  1. Instructor Promotion – if the student purchases the course using the link issued by the instructor, then the instructor is giving 97% of the revenue
  2. Udemy Organic – when a student browses the website and finds a course of his/her interest Udemy and the Instructor share 50% of the revenue
  3. Paid Acquisition – when a student buys a course from the advertising displayed on platforms like Google, Youtube, Facebook, Udemy takes a 75% cut on the purchase, and the rest is given to the instructor.
  4. Udemy Business – this is another revenue stream of the company, wherein they provide a business plan to companies. The employees of the company can avail access to 4000 courses if their employer has bought the Business Plan. It includes a Team Plan and an Enterprise Plan basis the size of the company. If there are only 5-20 users, the Team plan can be availed at $360/year per user. Enterprise Plan covers teams with 21 or more users.

Courses Offered

The company offers 150,000 courses in various fields like:

  • Design
  • IT& Software
  • Philosophy
  • Business & Entrepreneurship
  • Self-Development & Communication


Udemy has raised over $270 million in over 9 rounds of VC funding and the company was then valued at $3.32 billion in November 2020. The lead investors are Tencent, Insight Partners, Japan-based educational publisher Benesse Holdings, Stripes, and Norwest Venture Partners

The company is expected to launch its IPO somewhere in March 2021 to raise $100 million.

Udemy Latest News

Online Learning Marketplace Udemy is raising up to $100M at a $3.32B valuation

Udemy expands executive team with key hire

Udemy Company Address

10th Floor, ResCowork 07, Tower B,
Unitech Cyber Park, Sector 39,
Gurgaon, Haryana, 122003

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