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Mohan Meakin Limited Unlisted Shares

Mohan Meakin Limited Unlisted Shares Description

Mohan Meakin Limited Unlisted Shares

History of Mohan Meakin Limited

In 1855, Edward Dyer established a Brewery in Kasauli. Around the same time, H.G. Meakin from a brewing family of Burton-on-Trent founded Meakin & Co Ltd. After the First world war in the 20th Century, both these separate entities formed a Joined Venture under the style of Dyer Meakin & Co.Ltd. Mohan Meakin Limited’s shares are listed on the Calcutta Stock Exchange (CSE).

The company manufactures IMFS brands including premium Rums, Whiskies, Brandy, Vodka and Gin, and beer of all types. The main products for the company are Beer and IMFS but they also manufacture other products like Juices, Canned products, Corn Flakes, and Wheat Porridge.

They also exports its products like White rum, Old Monk, Old Monk Apple Rum, Old Monk Supreme Rum, etc to 21 countries like Russia, the USA, Hong Kong. Thus, the total foreign exchange that the company earned from exports was $5,806,226, 28000 CAD, and 54400 Euro. These equal to INR 4197.32 Lacs when converted.

The company’s financial performance is influenced by the economic climate in India. The funds employed by Mohan Meakin Limited has constantly been increasing from 2018 to 2020, from Rs 7530 lacs to 12695 lacs.  However, the company says that their future results may get affected due to the COVID-19 pandemic that resulted in the closure of bars, restaurants, and pubs.

Mohan Meakin Limited Unlisted Share Deals

Face Value: ₹ 5 Per Equity Share
ISIN: INE136D01018
Lot Size: 50 Shares
Current Unlisted Share Price: See deals below

Management and Board of Directors

Name Designation
Shri L.K. Malhotra Chairman & Independent director
Shri Hemant Mohan Managing Director
Shri R.C. Jain Director Finance-cum-CFO
Shri M. Nandagopal Independent Director
Shri Yash Kumar Sehgal Independent Director
Shri N. Murugan Independent Director
Shri Vinay Mohan Non-Executive, Non-Independent
Mrs. Shalini Mohan Non-Executive, Non-Independent

The Revenue Model

The company earns revenue from 3 lines of products:

  • Manufacture and sale of alcoholic products
  • Manufacture and sale of non-alcoholic products
  • It earns royalty and technical know-how from bottling and manufacturing company’s products throughout India.

Financial performance of Mohan Meakin Limited

Year 2018 2019 2020
Revenue 660 954 1020
EBITDA 22 56 49.52
OPM 3.30% 5.90% 4.85
PAT 15 33 27
NPM 2.30% 3.50% 2.58%
Equity 4.2542 4.2542 4.2542
FV 5 5 5
EPS 17.7 39 31

Balance Sheet Highlights of Mohan Meakin Limited

Particulars 2019 2020
Share Capital 425.42 425.42
Reserves 8,791.10 11,356.38
Fixed Assets 4,648.35 5,237.22
Total Assets 23,011.89 25,493.94
Borrowings 1,185.88 860.59
Total Liabilities 11622.42 13795.37
Investments 249.46 217.03

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Mohan Meakin Annual Report

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