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HDB Financial Services Unlisted Shares

HDB Financial Services Unlisted Shares Description

HDB Financial Services Unlisted Shares

HDB Financial Services is a subsidiary company of the HDFC Bank. HDB Financial Services, established in 2007, is an NBFC catering to the needs of the Indians that serves both individual and business clients. HDBFS’s long-term debt and financial facilities have a CARE AAA and CRISIL AAA rating. Short term debt has an A+ rating. HDB Finance has around 1,500 branches in more than 1,000 cities in India

HDB Financial Services Unlisted Shares Details

HDB Financial unlisted share price See Deals Below
Face Value: ₹ 10 Per Equity Share
ISIN: INE756I01012

Products offered by HDB Financial Services Limited

The current Portfolio for HDB Financial Services consists of Loan Fee-based Products and BPO Services.

BPO Services

These include back-office services such as documents verification, processing, financing, and accounting servicing, and correspondence management. Contact Center Management, collection services, and outbound marketing are some of the front-end services offered by HDB Financial Services.


HDB Financial Services offers secured as well as unsecured loans. The company has over 1400 branches spread across 24 states. HDB Financial Services offers loans to diverse groups, like Salaried, Self-employed, Business, Self Employed Professionals.

Loans include for Salaried Professionals include:

  1. Personal Loan– Up to 20 Lakhs, repayment tenure ranging from 12 to 60 months
  2. New to Credit loan- Offered to first-time borrowers, loan amount of up to 1.5 lacs, flexible loan tenure of 6/12/18 months
  3. Doctor Loan– Offered to doctors for expansion in their scale of operations
  4. Gold Loan– Up to 75% of gold Value or Rs. 20 Lac
  5. Loan Against Property– Up to 60% of the value of Rs 12 Crore.
  6. Loans against Securities, Life Insurance Policies, KVP/NSC, Mutual Funds, and Bonds.
  7. Two-wheelers, Car, and Used Car Loans
  8. Consumer Durables Loan: 0% interest rates, used to help pay for consumer durables like refrigerators, washing machines, furniture, microwave, etc.

Loans for Self-employed people include:

  1. Business Loan: Up to Rs 30 Lakh
  2. Enterprise Business loan: Loan up to Rs 30 lakh, tenure ranges from 12-60 months. Is mainly offered for self-employed doctors

Other Loans include Commercial Vehicle Loan, Construction Equipment loan, Loan against lease rental, and Tractor loans.

Management and Board of Directors

Sr No. Name Designation
1 Aditya Puri Chairman and Non-Executive Director
2 Jimmy Tata Non-Executive Director
3 Smita Affinwalla Independent Director
4 Dr. Amla Samanta Independent Director
5 Venkatraman Srinivasan Independent Director
6 Adayapalam Viswanathan Independent Director
7 G. Ramesh MD & CEO

Shareholding of Promoters

Shareholder’s name Shareholding at the beginning Shareholding at the end % change in shareholding
Demat % of the total share Demat % of the total share
HDFC Bank LTD 75,05,96,670 95.53 75,05,96,670 95.53 -0.23

HDB Financial Securities’ Debt Product ratings

Borrowings Credit rating Amount raised (in Rs Cr)
Term Loans CARE AAA;Stable CRISIL AAA/Stable 9,325.00
 Non-Convertible Debentures CARE AAA;Stable CRISIL AAA/Stable 7,271.00
Market Linked Debentures CARE PP-MLD AAA;Stable CRISIL PP-MLD AAAr/ Stable 125
Unsecured RSB CARE AAA;Stable CRISIL AAA/Stable 543.5
Unsecured PD CARE AAA;Stable CRISIL AAA/Stable 200
Commercial Paper CARE A1+ CARE A1+ 2030

Highlights FY 2020

  • Loan disbursements during the year were Rs 29,853 crores as against Rs31,654 crores in the previous year.
  • The Assets under Management (AUM) of the Company as of March 31, 2020, increased to Rs 58,832.75 crores from 55,425.16 crores in the previous year.
  • In FY19-20, seven awards were passed by the Office of the Ombudsman for Non-Banking Financial Companies amounting to Rs 7,23,599 to HDB Financial Services.
  • The issued, subscribed, and paid-up share capital of your Company stands increased to Rs. 7,87,57,96,560 comprising of Rs 78,75,79,656 shares of Rs. 10 each
  • Capital Adequacy Ratio stood at 19.36%
  • 1,09,167 employees as of March 2020, as compared to 93,373 as of March 31, 2019
  • Total amount spent on CSR for the financial year Rs 24.80 crore
  • In FY19-20, HDBFS has raised Rs 19,000 crores from the various institutions
  • EPS for FY19-20 was 12.78 as compared to the 14.63 in FY2018-19

Impact of COVID-19

Since HDB Financial Services largely caters to the informal and self-employed borrower segment and thus would face a higher impact due to income volatility at the customer’s end arising from the lockdown and disruption caused by Covid-19 as discussed by the Management in the Annual Report

  • Commercial vehicle sales fell 31% in FY 2019-20 compared to the previous year.
  • Heavy Commercial Vehicle (HCV) sales fell 50% YOY
Year 2017 2018 2019 2020 6MFY21
Revenue 5714.54 7061.99 8724.81 10756.5 5371
PAT 698.77 951.74 1149.81 1004.8 26
AUM 34277 44469 55455 57145 57528
EPS 9.64 12.18 14.63 12.78 0.33
Book Value 68.73 79.22 91.36 102.05 102

HDB Financial Services IPO

HDB Financial Services IPO is eagerly awaited by all market participants. It may also be beneficial for HDFC Bank as it will be able to unlock value. HDB Finance IPO is expected to come out in 2021-22.

HDB Unlisted Shares Latest News

HDB Financial Services plans to raise Rs 7,500 crore through NCDs

HDB Financial Services plans new products, eyes higher growth

Disclaimer: The above information is only for educational purposes and should not be construed as advice to buy or sell. Please consult your financial advisor before buying or selling any unlisted shares.