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Aricent Technologies Limited Unlisted Shares

Aricent Technologies Limited Unlisted Shares Description

Aricent Technologies Limited Unlisted Shares

Aricent Technologies Limited is a global designing and engineering services company that was acquired by Altran, a French-based company. Altran acquired Aricent at end of 2017. Altran and Altran US entered into an agreement to acquire Aricent, from a group of investors. The group was led by KKR and a total EV of 1.73 billion euros. Aricent was a company engaged in integrating design and engineering services, they had Communications and Technology, Semiconductor, and software industries as their primary clients. Aricent provided engineering capabilities to help its clients get to market faster, transform legacy products to digital, and create new revenue opportunities. The Acquisition is also believed to generate additional revenue of 150 million euros. After the acquisition the combined entries of Altran and Aricent were:

  • EBITDA margin of 14.9%
  • Operating cash generation was 14% of revenues

Aricent Technologies Limited Unlisted Share Details

Face Value: ₹ 10 Per Equity Share
ISIN: INE272I01010
Lot Size: 100 Shares
Current Unlisted Share Price: See deals below

Shareholding Pattern of Aricent Technologies Limited

Shareholder Name(Promoters) No of shares % of total shares  % of shares pledged 
Aricent Holdings Mauritius India Ltd 2,34,76,578 17.89 17.89
Aricent Holding 10,54,29,478 80.36 80.36

Financial Highlights FY19-20

  • Increase in EBITDA Margin of 1.62%
  • Debt-free company
  • Growth of 11.62% by the company
  • Cash flows generated from operations are Rs 150 Cr
  • Operating Margin increased by 12.7% in FY2019 as compared to FY2018
  • No dividend declared
  • Free Cash Flow was 164 million euros at the end of 2019
  • Equity Share Capital of 1,818 million euros as of 31st December 2019
  • Net Income saw an increase of 78.86% in FY2019

Financial Performance of Aricent Technologies Limited

Year 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
Revenue 21106 20965 21885 22764 25409
EBITDA 4331 4442 4500 4182 5077
EBITDA Margins 20.52% 21.19% 20.56% 18.37% 19.99%
PAT 1920 2023 2043 2046 7027
PAT Margins 9.10% 9.60% 9.30% 9.00% 13.27%
Equity 1312 1312 1312 1312 1312
FV 10 10 10 10 10
EPS 14.63 15.41 15.57 15.59 54

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