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About Us

About Prastaav

Prastaav is a marketplace for unlisted shares. You can now buy / sell Unlisted shares, ESOPs, Pre-IPO shares from various buyers, sellers and dealers of unlisted shares.
Unlisted shares can help you grow your wealth and diversify your portfolio. However, the buyers are sellers operate in an unorganized space, and it becomes difficult for buyers & sellers to find each other. The liquidity is provided by unlisted share dealers and brokers but finding them is also a task.

Therefore, we created Prastaav so that the buyers, sellers & dealers can post their unlisted share deals and contact each other to buy / sell unlisted shares. We will add more features to ease the process and help the users.

However, please
1. Consult your financial advisor before buying or selling unlisted shares
2. Please verify the credentials of the buyer, seller or dealer of the unlisted shares on your own before making payment or transferring shares.

What is Prastaav?

Prastaav means Proposal or an Offer
As we aim to provide multiple proposals and offers from buyers and sellers of unlisted shares, therefore we named this marketplace as Prastaav.

Our Mission

Our mission is democratize the unlisted shares market and make it easily accessible for everyone. This platform is first step to provide liquidity, price discovery and choice to the investors.

Why Choose Us?

Unlisted Shares are not listed on any exchange and are traded privately. With Prastaav, you can get multiple offers from buyers, sellers & dealers. It helps you get the best price & fast deal execution.